EXO Values

At EXO Travel, we understand that our success is contingent upon the high standards our people set for themselves. EXO Values help form a solid foundation for our team members, ensuring we all move forward in a progressive, collaborative and sustainable manner.


We exceed expectations

The customer experience is the most important part of everything we do and every decision made is based on getting that experience right, making sure it’s as perfect as can possibly be.​


We are passionate about travel​

Travel is our passion. We love to travel; we love our destinations and want to show the very best of our countries to the world.


We dare to innovate, aim to be unique

At EXO Travel we value innovation and creativity in all areas of our work. We aim to find truly unique ways to travel and explore Asia, daring to show the different, exciting, quirky attributes that we love and make our world so special.


We share our knowledge

We live and breathe our destinations and within EXO Travel the knowledge we have of our countries is mind boggling. Sharing that knowledge with our staff, our clients and the rest of the world is core to our success.


We aim to be responsible

Respect ourselves, our company, our world. We do our best to not waste time or resources and whenever possible try to actively improve the world we live in.


Yes we win

We expect to be the best and our customers deserve nothing but the best. We do this through continuous improvement in everything we do as we learn, grow and keep improving ourselves in search of excellence.


Yes we can,
yes we care

Last but not least our mantra, our company song. We do everything possible to always be positive, to say “Yes We Can”. We won’t promise the impossible and we know when to say “no”, but whenever we can, we will always say “YES!”