Bring the family on a world wind trip in Myanmar! Covering the big four - Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake, there are activities like fun puzzles to solve, cultural experiences and hands on workshops that are suitable for all ages.

Trip Highlights

Family Holiday in Myanmar

Give back to local communities

Take part in fun activities that are part of social enterprises to better the lives of local communities.

Horse cart ride in Mandalay countryside

Take a ride to visit the old wooden Bagaya Monastery and the remains of the Royal Palace and Fort and catch a glimpse of local life in Burmese countryside.

Climb sacred Taung Kalat

Believed to be the home of the nats or spirit guardians, climb the stairs to the top of the shrine and learn more about nats and the role they play in Myanmar.



Arrive Yangon

Yangon Airport to Yangon city centre (20 km): 30 – 60 mins

Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport, be welcomed by the guide and transferred to the hotel. Each child will receive an activity book on arrival that is full of fun, yet educational games to keep them entertained during their stay.

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is a relatively quiet and charming city. Its impressive colonial and spiritual heritage makes it one of the most fascinating cities in Southeast Asia.

In the afternoon, meet with the guide at the hotel and drive to ‘Amazing Grace’ in Yankin Township. This is a social enterprise training people with hearing and physical disabilities to make handmade fashion accessories using recycled materials. Learn about the business’ social mission before taking part in a 1-hour crafts workshop led by one of the trainers to produce a lovely piece of male or female jewellery. Children can do a fun painting activity on small papier-mâché animals so make sure they’re dressed to get a bit messy. All these personally-made handicrafts can be taken back home as a souvenir for a personal touch (Note: The workshop is open from Monday to Saturday).   

After spending time in the workshop, transfer southwest through downtown Yangon to ‘Htwe Oo Myanmar’ for a traditional puppet show at 17:00. The unique show lasts around one hour and gives the audience an intimate opportunity to see the puppeteers work their magic. There is also a chance to get ‘hands-on’ and try the skillful work at the end of the performance. Puppet theatres are an important tradition in Myanmar culture and Htwe Oo helps preserve the tradition by creating job opportunities for young puppeteers from universities in Yangon and Mandalay, as well as offering financial and medical assistance to old puppeteers. 

After the evening’s entertainment, return to the hotel.

Overnight in Yangon.



Today starts with a transfer to Shwedagon Pagoda. Adults will be spellbound by the sheer beauty of this icon and children will be entertained by the visit as there are many fun activities and interesting things to learn. They can make wishes by tossing coins into bowls, make an offering at their ‘animal’ post and see the unusual ‘neon’ Buddhas in the prayer hall.

After visiting the pagoda, head down the eastern stairs to the ‘monks market’ where everything from monk robes to alms bowls are sold. It is a colourful spectacle that kids will love.

Next make a stop at Mahawizaya temple where the kids can have a chance to feed the fish. Feeding temple fish is a way that the local Buddhist make merit, a key aspect of Buddhism. But it’s also great fun for kids who can see the giant fish swim to the surface for a bite of food. 

From here, a private car will provide a downtown transfer to the fabulous Bogyoke Market. Also known as Scott Market, the building is filled with stalls selling local handicrafts such as marionettes, laquerware and jewellery. To get the family into the local spirit, the guide will purchase a traditional longyi (a sarong-like skirt worn by men and women) for everyone. Get to also try thanaka powder (the local yellow paste used as sunscreen). Take a family photo for a perfect memory of the first day in Yangon.

From here, head to lunch at the Rangoon Tea House. A modern take on the traditional Burmese tea shop, the Rangoon Tea House offers a variety of Asian dishes in a historic downtown building. (For more selective palates, lunch can be switched to a restaurant serving Western fare at additional surcharge.)

After lunch, transfer to Kandawgyi Lake in central Yangon. With its large lake, views of Shwedagon, replica royal barge and shady walking paths, this park is popular with local families and is a great place to relax. Here, try to play some chin lone, a local game that many families play when they come to the park. Or if desired, kick off the shoes and relax in the peaceful setting.

Return to downtown around 15:00 and cool off with an ice cream at Shwe Pa Zun, a popular sweet shop which sells an array of homemade treats. The sweets are delicious and it is a great place to meet friendly local families. After the treat, transport will be provided back to the hotel or to another destination in the city.

Overnight in Yangon.


Yangon – Mandalay

Mandalay Airport to Mandalay city centre (41 km): 60 mins

This morning, transfer to Yangon airport for the onward flight to Mandalay. Upon arrival in Mandalay airport, be met by the guide and driver.

From the airport, head to Ava, the capital from 14th to 18th centuries. Hop on a short ferry ride across the river to where the horse and carriage awaits. Horse carts are the best transport options to explore Ava and will be a fun ride for kids as well. Take a ride to visit the old wooden Bagaya Monastery and the remains of the Royal Palace and Fort. There are many small villages located amid Ava’s ruins and while travelling by horse and cart get to catch a glimpse of local life in the Burmese countryside. Then, stop for lunch in Ava before returning to the car and be transferred to the hotel in Mandalay.

Then take a break back at the hotel to go for a swim and escape the midday heat.

In the early evening, visit Kuthodaw Pagoda, whose 729 marble stone slabs of Buddhist scriptures have earned it the title ‘World’s Biggest Book’. Walk onwards to Shwenandaw Monastery, the only remaining building from the 19th century Royal Palace. This grand teak building is known for its exquisite woodcarving.

Head to the top of Mandalay Hill as the sun begins to set to enjoy magnificent views of the city and Irrawaddy River.

Overnight in Mandalay.



Today’s tour will start at 08:00. Take the family on a special local experience of Mandalay. Be greeted with the guide who have prepared a traditional longyi, a sarong-like skirt worn by men and women, for everyone to wear during today’s sightseeing tour. Choose to also try and put on thanaka, a local yellow paste used as sunscreen to be truly one with the locals.

Start this insightful guided tour on Thone Bane (a three-wheeled motor transport option) to gain a better understanding of Mandalay’s rich cultural heritage. Thone Bane vehicles have become popular transportation in Mandalay in recent years and are an exciting and fun way to explore especially for families with children.

Stop by Mahamuni Pagoda for a visit. Home to one of Myanmar’s most revered Buddha images, get a good look at this gold-leafed Buddha image and walk around the temple grounds for a feel of its unique spiritual vibes. Children can choose to feed the fish in a temple which is a way local Buddhists make merit and a fun encounter for kids!

Next, visit a local craft shop in Mandalay where Myanmar string puppets are made. Here choose a marionette’s design (clothes, face, body) and take part in a 1-hour workshop led by one of the trainers to produce a lovely piece of a unique personalised marionette which can be taken back home as a souvenir for a personal touch. This hands-on activity is suitable for both adults and children and will surely be a memorable one.

After that, hop on a private air-conditioned car and continue to the Mandalay jade market where locally mined white, yellow and green jades are traded. See the stones in various stages of production, from blocks of uncut stones to beautifully crafted jade jewellery. Watch as skilled craftsmen cut and polish the stones on wet saws and merchants haggle over prices. It is also a great opportunity for kids to learn about gemstones and how these precious jewelleries are made.

Having built up an appetite from haggling with jade merchants, transfer to a local restaurant for lunch.

After lunch, head to the city center and cross a large moat before arriving at the iconic former Royal Palace in the centre of Mandalay. The palace was constructed between 1857 and 1859 when King Mindon founded the new royal capital city of Mandalay. It was the primary residence of the last two kings of Myanmar and is steeped in history. Although the palace compound was destroyed during WWII, a replica was built in the 1990s and the history and majesty lives on. Walk in the footsteps of the country’s former kings exploring the large compound and listening to the expert guide recount fascinating stories while the children are busy looking for the visual and spoken clues to a fun and educational quiz about the former Royal Palace. An enjoyable and proactive experience, this is definitely a great way to educate children on the history of Myanmar. Upon completing the tour, a small prize will be given in recognition of their newly acquired knowledge about the history of Mandalay!

Following this in-depth look at Mandalay’s cultural heritage, cool off with an ice cream break at a popular sweet shop which sells an array of homemade treats. The sweets are delicious and it is a great place to meet friendly local families.

After the treat, head toward Amarapura and visit a silk weaving workshop, before continuing to U Bein Bridge, 200 year-old teak bridge. The bridge was constructed of 984 teak posts that were once part of the deserted Inwa Palace. At 1.2 kilometers in length, it is the world’s longest teak bridge.

Cap off a day of sightseeing with a boat trip along the bridge and enjoy the fabulous views of the surrounding farms and streams. Board a private wooden boat and watch the colours change as the sun dips lower into the sky, with the last rays of light illuminating the old bridge. It is not only the best way to be a bit apart from the crowd but also a perfect spot for the amazing photos.

In the evening, be transferred back to the hotel.

Overnight in Mandalay.


Mandalay – Star Tortoise Project – Mt Popa

This morning the tour begins at 08:00.

Meet with the guide and driver at the hotel and set off to explore some fascinating sites between the famous destinations of Mandalay and Bagan. After around 2.5 hours of driving south, stop to visit the Burmese Star Tortoise Conservation Centre at Minzontaung Wildlife Sanctuary. This species is classified as highly endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and can be found only in Myanmar. Although this tortoise is now thought to be ‘ecologically’ extinct in the wild, with the technical support of the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and TSA (Turtle Survival Alliance) towards captive breeding efforts, a  remarkable increase in numbers has resulted, and as of  late 2017 there were 2,815 Star Tortoises.

EXO Travel is starting to bring travellers to the forest area where the rehabilitation program is taking place. This is a responsible ecotourism project because the contribution from the visit will be used to feed the tortoises, to hire guards to safeguard the tortoises from illegal poaching for food, medicine and pet markets, and to protect the breeding area from habitat destruction. From an educational point of view, kids will have a chance to take part in a guided forest walk to observe natural breeding, acquire general knowledge on wild species and ultimately reintroduce this extinct species to the community.

After this truly unique experience drive a short distance and take a break with lunch at a local restaurant before continuing the overland adventure with a 2.5 hour drive towards Mount Popa National Park. Arrive at the hotel in time for check-in and a sunset view of both Mount Popa and Taung Kalat, the volcanic plug nearby.

Overnight in Popa.

ECOLOGICALLY RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: The visit to the Star Tortoise Conservation Centre includes a contribution to the centre to help with its conservation efforts.


Mt Popa – Bagan

This morning the journey continues at 08:00.

After breakfast take a very short transfer to Taung Kalat, the volcanic plug that is believed to be the home of the nats. Since ancient times, the people of Myanmar have believed in nats, or 37 spirits who serve as guardians. As Taung Kalat is the home of the nats, it is a very popular pilgrimage spot. Get a glimpse into this unique aspect of Myanmar culture at a small museum where statues of each nat are displayed. Then climb the stairs to the top of the shrine, joining local pilgrims on the way. On the way, parents can learn more about the nats and the role they play in Myanmar society while children enjoying the climb and seeing monkeys. Upon reaching the top, relax and enjoy the views.

(Please note: The climb to the top involves 777 steps, many of which have to be climbed barefoot to respect the site’s spiritual significance; monkeys might also be present during the walk up but the guide will advise on how to keep them at a friendly distance).

Descend back down to the base and return to the vehicle for the onward drive to Bagan. On the way, stop at Shwe Hlaing. Explore this local village which is famous for its toddy palm trees. Kids will get to see the farmers scale 15 metre trees, help make a batch of jaggery and interact with the family.  A local lunch will be served amid the toddy palms, providing a true taste of rural Bagan culture.

After lunch, transfer to a traditional lacquerware workshop where there is a chance to observe the production of one of Myanmar’s best-known handicrafts. Get an in-depth understanding of traditional techniques for producing the exquisite inlaid and carved boxes, trays, tea sets and other wares. Then it is the kids turn to paint their very own lacquerware coasters. One of the craftsmen will assist the kids and bring out their own creative touches on a traditional craft of Myanmar.  After the masterpieces are completed, they will be set aside to dry, and picked up later in the evening. 

Then, spend a couple hours exploring a variety of temples. Start at Shwezigon Pagoda, one of the city’s most important, where there are unique nat (local spirit) statues and the glittering golden stupa. Then, using flashlights, explore Kyan Sitthar Cave. Walk through the tunnel-like corridors and view the fading paintings on the ceiling.

In the late afternoon, transfer to an elevated viewpoint to enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the plains.

Overnight in Bagan.



After breakfast at the hotel, the Bagan treasure hunt starts at 08:00.

Meet up with the guide for a safety briefing about the e-scooters and give the zippy electric scooters a test run on a quiet, flat road to get accustomed to the day’s vehicle. Once comfortable, jump on the back of the e-scooter and let the treasure hunt begin. Make sure that smartphones are fully charged to make use of the offline map the guide recommended to download using the hotel’s Wi-Fi the day before.

The aim of the game is to work together using the map and easy GPS coordinates to find the Lost Letters that will lead to clues about the whereabouts of the next destination. Combining all the letters will spell out the winning word which eventually leads the team to the final stop where prizes for all the family will be waiting. There are a total of 12 destinations throughout the treasure hunt, including Bagan’s most famous temples, a riverside garden, local villages and an artist’s workshop.

To keep energised during the adventure enjoy a delicious local lunch at one of Bagan’s best vegetarian restaurants with a beautiful setting by the temples. There will also be drink stops at a village and riverside garden in the morning to help keep cool.

Along the way the knowledgeable guide can explain all about Bagan’s history at each of the stops to make this not only a fun adventure for the children but also a great learning activity. The children are in charge of the routing but the guide can provide a few tips whenever necessary to set the family on the right course. Don’t expect too much help though!

The excitement ends at 15:00, depending on how quickly the family works out the clues and the locations of all the stops.

Overnight in Bagan.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: E-scooters are an exciting and eco-friendly way of exploring Bagan’s vast temple complex.


Bagan – Heho – Elephant Camp – Kalaw

Kalaw to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp (30 km): 45 min

This morning after breakfast, transfer to Nyaung U Airport for the flight to Heho.

Upon arrival be greeted and transferred to Kalaw, a former British hill station (approximately 50 km). The scenic drive is towards the heart of Shan State, passing pine forests, rolling hills and small towns along the way.

Then continue to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Magwe village (drive takes around 45 minutes).

Upon arrival, be greeted by a specialist guide from the camp and transferred to the main camp base. Enjoy a welcome drink while receiving a briefing on the day’s activities, the background of the camp and the history of elephants in Myanmar.

Then embark on a short walk to the river, passing through a reforestation project set up by the camp and villagers. The elephants will likely be enjoying a refreshing swim in the stream. If desired, join  the mahouts to bath these gentle animals.

Return to the main camp for lunch. There is time in the afternoon to explore more on foot with the local trekking guide or interact with the elephants. In the late afternoon say goodbye to the elephants and mahouts and transfer back to Kalaw.

Overnight in Kalaw.

Note: Due to weather and the nature of elephants this program may need to be altered and vary from the original proposal. For the wellbeing of the animals, elephant riding is not allowed.


Kalaw – Nyaung Shwe – Inle Lake

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Nyaung Shwe which is the gateway to Inle Lake. Along the way, stop at the wooden Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery which features beautiful carvings and a collection of Buddha images.

Upon arrival at Nyaung Shwe, get up close and personal with the cultural attractions of Nyaung Shwe with the Amazing Race. This is not a regular guided tour around town – it is a race to find all ten of Nyaung Shwe’s most famous attractions as a team before the 4-hour time limit is up.

The guide will be with the team throughout but will not in any way help with finding the various attractions. That is the task of the team, along with the help of a basic map, a list of attractions to be found and the freedom to ask local people on the streets where the next attraction might be. The attractions can be found in any order and participants are required to take a group selfie at each one. Once found, the EXO guide will provide a brief explanation about the attraction before the race continues.

Among the attractions are the Independence Monument, a tomato warehouse and the local market where the challenge is to find something 100% locally made. The objective is to have fun, interact with local people and run around (no transportation is allowed) while discovering hidden parts of Nyaung Shwe!

Then, enjoy lunch at Golden Kite, a haven for pasta and pizza lovers. Years ago an Italian couple helped build a pizza oven, taught them Italian recipes and even imported meat, cheese and basil seeds.

After lunch, transfer to the outskirt of Nyaung Shwe for a horse riding at Inle Horse Club which is a social enterprise aims to preserve the endangered local horse-species and to enhance the employment opportunities of local horse trainers. Learn about the business’ social mission, the background history of horses and receive a briefing on safe horse-riding from the horse trainer before a ride. Then wear a safety helmet and start a 30 minute horse adventure. Trot by the local tracks through the Shan foothills. Escorted by the trainers on each horse trek, travel at a slower pace and head to the viewpoint to experience breathtaking view of Inle Lake and the surrounding areas from the horseback.

Things to be noted for Horse Riding

  • Minimum age for horseback riding is 5 years
  • We recommend full length pants, jodhpurs, moleskins and jeans for horseback riding. Footwear needs to be fully enclosed such as horse riding boots or shoes with a flat sole and small heel. Runners are not recommended. Sandals, thongs or large bulky shoes with a heavy tread pattern are not permitted.
  • For safety reasons, backpacks and the like are not permitted to be worn whilst horse riding.
  • Please bring sunscreen, insect repellent & brimmed hat depending on the weather.
  • We recommend not to wear Jewelry of any kind and anything you wear you do so at your own risk.
  • It’s the parents’ responsibility to check their child isn’t wearing jewelry.
  • We can’t be held responsible for damage, theft or loss of personal property on the premise.

After this playful activity, transfer to the hotel and enjoy the rest of afternoon at leisure.

Overnight in Inle Lake.


Inle Lake

This morning after breakfast, set off for the lake’s morning market. The market rotates its location on a 5-day basis and attracts vendors from around the lake and its surrounding hills. Walking among the stalls see local produce, handicrafts and possibly vendors dressed in their traditional hill tribe costume.

Then visit Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the lake’s main sanctuary, which contains five sacred Buddha images covered in gold leaf. Explore the local crafts of Inle Lake with a stop at the weaving village of Inpawkhone and a cheroot factory, where the typical Burmese cigars are made by hand.

Enjoy lunch at Inthar Heritage House which is also a great place to learn about the culture of the lake’s residence. Established by a local family, the Heritage House is involved in several activities aimed at preserving the culture of the Intha, the lake’s indigenous people. There is an organic garden, vocational training centre, restaurant and breeding house for rare Burmese cats as well as informative displays about Intha traditions. Here kids can visit the Aquarium featuring endemic and invasive fish, eel and turtles that will educate them about the lake’s wildlife. After that, see the rare Burmese cats that have existed in Myanmar for over 1000 years. They were recorded as royal pets and temple or monastery cats. A host from the Heritage House will give a brief introduction about the history of these Burmese cats. There is also a Cat Island where cats are free to roam over their spacious home.

In the afternoon, continue exploring the lake, travelling down a small canal leading to the Pa-oh village of Indein. Explore the area on foot, strolling around the village, and wander through the beautiful Alaung Sitthou area. Alaung Sitthou is filled with picturesque ancient stupas and has magnificent views of the lake below.

Overnight in Inle Lake.


Inle Lake – Heho – Yangon

Today the tour starts in the morning after breakfast at the hotel.

Set-off by motorboat across the main part of the lake to the village of Ywama, the setting for today’s traditional canoe boat tour on Inle Lake.

Upon reaching the village, step into a small but sturdy canoe boat along with one other passenger and the village guide. Enjoy the scenery while the village guide takes care of the paddling. It is also a lot of fun to try paddling for a while. Wind through the maze of canals and waterways that form the streets of the village. Get up close to the famous stilted houses of Inle. Although the use of motorized boats on Inle Lake is ever-increasing, many people still use their non-motorized wooden canoes to get around and this tour provides a unique opportunity to step back into this traditional way of life on the lake. A pa yan (local straw cushion) is provided for comfort.

After around half an hour, give the village guide a break from paddling and go ashore for a village visit. Stop at family-run workshops to see the traditional techniques used to make tofu, metal works and gold jewellery. There may even be a chance to learn about traditional medicine. This hour-long walk provides a fascinating insight into the deep-rooted heritage of the Intha people. 

Afterwards, return to the wooden canoes and explore another section of Ywama. See more fascinating scenes of local life and enjoy the tranquility of the quieter corners of Inle Lake. During the trip, stop at a stilted house to refuel with tea and snacks. Then loop back to the starting point, say goodbye to the village guide and transfer from canoe to motorboat for the transfer to Nyaung Shwe Jetty.

After today’s tour, drive to the Heho Airport for the flight to Yangon and upon arrival, transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Yangon.


Depart Yangon

After breakfast at the hotel, be immersed in the everyday life of Myanmar’s largest city with an insightful train ride. Board the Yangon circle train which runs from Yangon’s main railway station in a circle around various neighbourhoods in town and on the outskirts of town. Sit alongside local commuters, watching as vendors hop on and off to sell snacks and cold drinks to the passengers. Gaze out the windows to observe the lively streets while the train slowly chugs along.

After around 45 minutes disembark in Insein Township. One of the city’s best fresh markets is here, filled with vendors and piles of colourful items for sale. Spend time walking amid the stalls examining the fruits, produce and meats on sale as well as chatting with the friendly locals.

In the afternoon, transfer to Yangon International airport for the onward flight or extend the family holiday with one of below EXO’s beach breaks at additional surcharge.

Ngapali Beach Break - https://www.exotravel.com/tours/myanmar/ngapali-beach-break-myanmar/

Ngwe Saung Beach Break - https://www.exotravel.com/tours/myanmar/ngwe-saung-beach-break/

Important Information

Our services include:

  • Accommodation in share twin or shared double rooms (with configuration as outlined in table) with daily breakfast
  • Meals as mentioned (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • English speaking station guides – (different guide at each place)
  • Kid’s activity book (1 per child)
  • 1 hour Crafts workshop in Yangon and Mandalay
  • Puppet Show
  • Horse Cart ride in Ava
  • E-scooters in Bagan
  • Kayaking in Inle
  • Longyi & slipper
  • Horse Riding at Inle Horse Club
  • Circular Train
  • Private motorized boat in Inle Lake excursions
  • All transfers and excursions with private air-conditioned vehicles
  • Entrance fees for the visits mentioned
  • Drinking water while touring

Our services do not include:

  • International ticket to/from Yangon
  • Domestic flights (rate: please refer to our flight tariffs)
  • Visits not mentioned in the program
  • Meals other than those mentioned
  • Visa arrangements for Myanmar 
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Tips and porters at the hotels
  • Credit card fees (2-3%) or bank transfer fees for non-cash payments
  • Any other items not mentioned

Customize this tour

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    We’re experts who take pride in tailor-made itineraries that suit any need. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

    Please fill in the appropriate information below regarding any travel plans or enquiries. Our team of travel experts will get back to you shortly.

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    We’re experts who take pride in tailor-made itineraries that suit any need. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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