Discover the wonders of Japan with insider experiences with a tea master, Maiko and more! Taste the street food delights, relax in a private onsen and choose from a variety of optional activities including cycling the backstreets of Tokyo to a wellness retreat in Lake Biwa.

Trip Highlights

Wonders of Japan

Iconic sites of Tokyo

Visit all the main sites of Tokyo from the iconic Tsukiji Market, Tokyo Tower to cycling the back alleys to discover hidden gems.

Taste and bike Takayama countryside

With a foodie guide in hand, discover the old town and taste traditional and homemade snacks before taking a bike ride through a small farm village.

Traditions of Kyoto

Visit a 400-year-old temple and stroll around its beautiful zen garden before taking part in the traditional tea ceremony with a master.



Arrival in Tokyo

Narita International Airport (NRT) to Central Tokyo: 1.5 h Haneda International Airport (HND) to Central Tokyo: 50 min

Upon arrival to Tokyo Airport, a private chauffeur provides private transport to the hotel for check-in.  

After the check-in, meet up with the guide for an orientation session to catch some first glimpses of the visual feast that is Tokyo.

Overnight in Tokyo at Palace Hotel 5 Stars (Super Deluxe)


Start (guided tour): upon arrival in Tokyo

Duration: 4.5 h



Today, visit the hive of activity that is Tsukiji Outer Market. While the inner wholesale fish market has been relocated to Toyosu, the outer market – which boasts around 400 shops – remains a lively centre for visitors and locals alike to enjoy delicious food, and purchase kitchenware and a variety of local specialities and foodstuffs. Sample some of the treats on offer and take the chance to pick up some souvenirs along the way. Many of the shops in the market have been in business for decades, while some renowned food companies, such as Ajinomoto, began their operations here.

Next, head to Zojoji Temple, which was originally built in 1393 as the head temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism in the Kanto region, before being moved to its present location in 1598 by the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, who selected it as his family temple and mausoleum. The main entrance gate, the Sangedatsumon, has survived a number of natural and man-made disasters, and dates back to 1622.

The iconic Tokyo Tower stands in close proximity to the temple, and provides the perfect photo opportunity. After taking some memorable snapshots, move on to the next stop of the tour, Nijubashi Bridge.

Afterwards, the rest of the day is at leisure until the evening tour.

In the evening, head down to one of the atmospheric local eateries and small Japanese-style pubs, which can be found below the train tracks along the Yamanote Line between Shimbashi and Yurakucho stations, for some drinks and appetisers. Start-off by raising a toast in the charming company of epicurean guides in a kushiage bar. Kushiage is a popular accompaniment to drinks, and consist of deep-fried skewered vegetables, seafood, and meat.

The next stop on the itinerary is a distinctive, cozy restaurant run by a charismatic owner who is well-loved by regular customers for her excellent cuisine and delightful conversation. A variety of seasonal dishes are on offer here. The third stop of the evening will be chosen based on the clients’ tipple of choice: Japanese craft beer, sake, or whisky.

Finally, visit Shimbashi Yokocho, a typical Japanese alley chock-full of those beloved Japanese eateries known as izakaya.

Be sure to bring an empty stomach and an adventurous spirit to make the most of this exclusive experience, which will offer insights into the customs and conventions of Tokyo’s nightlife.


Start (guided tour): 09:00 or 09:30

Duration: 4.5 h


Start (Tokyo Street Food tour): 17:00

Duration: 3 h

Overnight in Tokyo at Palace Hotel 5 Stars (Super Deluxe)



Today is a self-guided day.

Engage in one of our specialised tours in Tokyo – embark on an architecture tour, watch kabuki with an expert, explore the world of Japanese swordsmiths or have a delightful evening with a food expert.

Optional Tour (1): Cool Tokyo Cycling

Today, cycle through the vibrant backstreets of Tokyo. Meet the guide, who is sometimes accompanied by his adorable dog “Jack-san,” at Sasazuka Station, and head together to the cycling studio for  a bicycle and helmet fitting. On the way, listen to some fascinating insights and entertaining anecdotes about the local neighbourhood, and get some useful explanations from the guide about Tokyo’s cycling etiquette and today’s itinerary.

When everything is ready, depart for today’s cycling tour. Leave Sasazuka with the guide, and cycle to the first location, enjoying the best of Tokyo’s urban design and natural environment on the way. Depending on the season, enjoy the surrounding foliage, which is especially beautiful in the spring when the plum and cherry blossoms bloom, and in the autumn, when the trees are a blaze of colour. There will be several cultural and architectural design stops along the way, where the guide will share interesting information and allow some time for photos.

Bike through Tokyo’s backstreets, local shotengai (small commercial streets) in hip neighbourhoods such as Shimo-Kitazawa, and some little-known parks, seeing the guide’s favourite areas and shops, and stopping for a break at a charming café.

Next, head back to Sasazuka where bicycles will be returned to the guide, and either freely keep exploring Tokyo independently, head back to the accommodation to freshen up, or join the guide and the rest of the group for a local meal such as gyoza (pan-fried dumplings).


Start: 10:00, 15:00, or 18:00.

Duration: 3-4 h

Journey: 10 km (mostly cycling, a bit of walking and light sightseeing also involved).

Optional Tour (2): Tokyo Hidden Gems Tour

Get an early start and, accompanied by an expert guide, discover the hidden treasures Tokyo has to offer. Wander the city’s backstreets, stumbling across tiny shrines and temples, traditional festivals, artisan shops, and cozy eateries serving some of the best food visitors will ever taste in Japan.

Whether a first-time visitor or a Japanophile who has travelled to the Land of the Rising Sun many times before, take this chance to stray off the beaten track and see a side of Tokyo most visitors miss.


Start: 08:00

Duration: approx. 8 h

Optional Tour (3): Home Visit and Luxury Kimono

Today, be immersed in Japanese culture with this insightful half day experience in Tokyo. Visit the house of a charming Tokyo lady who owns a vast kimono collection.

Slip into a kimono, the iconic traditional Japanese garment. These full-length robes are worn by all Japanese when attending important events or formal occasions. In this collector’s house, find many types of kimono, with some of them being more than 100 years old. Thanks to the expert and the women working in the “Kimono salon,” dress up in a kimono that was especially chosen beforehand.

Once appropriately dressed, share a cup of tea with the kimono expert who will explain everything about the history of kimono. Many of these cost over 1,000,000 yen, while others are so rare that their value is impossible to estimate.

Before departing, take photos of this incredible glimpse into Japanese culture and tradition.


Duration: 1.5-3 h

Note: The activity needs to be included in a guided day and booked in advance (subject to availability and supplementary charges).

Overnight in Tokyo at Palace Hotel 5 Stars (Super Deluxe)


Tokyo – Takayama

Tokyo Station to Takayama Station: 4.5 h

Today is a self-guided day.

Get up early this morning and head to Tokyo Station by private car. The first leg of the trip is on a bullet train that can reach speeds of up to 260 km/h. This is followed by a ride on the limited express train Wide View, which offers one of the most scenic train journeys in Japan. Travel in style in the comfortable Green Class.

Suggested Self-Guided Itinerary:

We recommend strolling in Takayama’s shitamachi, where the streets are lined with century-old merchants’ homes and sake breweries. Stop by one of the breweries for a taste of the local drop or queue for the famous Hida beef sushi in one of the special food stalls.

In Takayama, experience staying in a ryokan, the traditional Japanese-style inn that features paper sliding doors, futon beds and tatami flooring. The best property would be Hidatei Hanaougi, which has some private outdoor baths and a spacious Japanese garden.

Overnight in Takayama at Hidatei Hanaougi 5 Stars (Deluxe)



Takayama to Hida-Furukawa: 25 min (drive) Total cycling distance: up to 22 km

Bring an appetite and a sense of adventure for this food-focused guided day tour. Meet with a local food-loving guide in Takayama this morning. Start with a walk around the old town, mingling with the locals while browsing the streets lined with food shops, cafes and residential houses. See unusual typical Japanese ingredients on offer, such as miso paste, and learn how they are used in traditional cuisine. Sample some of Takayama’s famous delicacies such as rice dumplings dipped in soy sauce and homemade sweets. Then, visit a sake brewery to see how this popular drink is made and try a sample of this local specialty.

Around midday, transfer by taxi to Hida Furukawa, a small farm village just next to Takayama. Hop on a bicycle and begin the scenic Hida Furukawa cycling experience, soaking in the idyllic Alpine village. Cycle down quiet lanes to see traditional houses and cross through rice paddies. The houses of this region are of particular note as the local carpenters are deemed to be some of the best in Japan. (Please note: This aspect of the tour is not available between late October and December due to weather.)

After exploring the best of Hida and its surroundings, return to Takayama by taxi. Arrive at the hotel late this afternoon for a chance to freshen up and relax before dinner.

Availability and time:

Late March to December: 10:00-16:00

*Tour dates, especially right before and after winter, may be altered depending on a number of factors (i.e. snow, weather, sunset times, etc.).

Overnight in Takayama at Hidatei Hanaougi 5 Stars (Deluxe)


Takayama – Kaga Onsen, via Gokayama

Today, be ready for the journey to the next destination. A private car will pick guests at their accommodation and head through the Hida region to discover the splendid sights of the charming, historic village of Gokayama, which are tucked away in the scenic Japan Alps. The houses in this region are built in a very particular way, in gassho-zukuri style.

Gassho-zukuri means “constructed like hands in prayer,” which is represented by the shape of the farmhouses' steep, thatched roofs. This architectural style was developed over many generations – the roofs were constructed without the use of any nails, and are intricately designed to withstand large amounts of snow. Enjoy a stroll in the village and learn everything about the Japan Alps way of life.

Afterwards, head to Kaga Onsen, a small yet elegant hot spring resort situated at the foot of the sacred Mt. Hakusan. Kaga Onsen welcomes guests who are in search for a relaxing escape. Its four onsen (hot spring), namely, Yamashiro, Yamanaka, Awazu, and Katayamazu, have unique characteristics, giving guests a variety of experiences. Public baths can also be found in the center of each town.

Overnight in Kaga Onsen at Beniya Mukayu 5 stars (Deluxe)


Kaga Onsen, day trip to Kanazawa

Start (guided tour): 09:00Duration: 8 h*including pick-up/drop-off and transit times

Together with the guide, head to Kaga Onsen station and take the train to Kanazawa, the castle town that thrived as the center for culture and the arts in the 17th century.

First, visit the pristine Kenroku-en Garden, ranked as one of Japan’s top three gardens. Discover the oldest water fountain in the country, a couple of teahouses, and a large villa that used to be the retirement home of one of the richest clans in Kanazawa.

Adjacent to the garden is Kanazawa Castle, easily accessed through the Ishikawa-mon Gate, a designated Important National Cultural Asset.

Lunch can be in one of the local restaurants in Omicho Market, known throughout Japan for its fresh seafood and fine sushi.

Lastly, visit Higashi Chaya, one of the three, well-preserved chaya (teahouse) districts in Kanazawa. It also has several artisan shops, including Hakuza, a specialized store that sells gold leaf products and features a tearoom covered in gold.

Overnight in Kaga Onsen at Beniya Mukayu 5 stars (Deluxe)


Kaga Onsen – Kyoto

Kaga Onsen Station to Kyoto Station: 2 h 15 min

Today is a self-guided day.

Get ready for the journey by limited express train to Kyoto, home to around 2,000 shrines and temples, 17 of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Upon arrival at Kyoto Station, our private chauffeur will take guests to the hotel in Kyoto. After the check-in, meet up with the guide for an orientation session in this beautiful cultural city.


Start (guided tour): upon arrival in Kyoto

Duration: 4.5 h

*including pick-up/drop-off and transit times

Overnight in Kyoto at Four Seasons Kyoto 5 stars (Super Deluxe)



Today, spend the morning free at leisure. It is possible to arrange a private car to tour the city with (must be booked in advance; supplementary charges apply).

In the afternoon, delve deep into Japanese culture with an exclusive half day tour of Kyoto. The day begins with a visit to Kodai-ji, one of Kyoto’s most famous Zen Buddhist temples. Although the sub-temples of Kodai-ji are usually closed to the public, special access has been granted for today’s tea ceremony.

Enter the stunning 400-year-old temple and stroll around its beautiful Zen garden. Then meet with a tea master who will explain about Japanese tea and the relationship between the ceremony and Zen Buddhism. Then the ceremony will begin, with the master explaining each movement and its meaning in detail.  

During the ceremony, join the teacher in making tea, following the motions as he demonstrates. Once ready, sample some traditional confectioneries before sipping the tea to counter its bitter flavour.

As an option, the tea ceremony can be followed by a session of Zazen meditation, one of the most important practices of Zen Buddhism.

Following this interactive experience, take a walking tour around Kyoto’s Higashiyama district. Admire the picture-perfect streets, whose gently sloped stone stairways are lined with tea houses and artisan shops. Stop by Kiyomizu Temple for a short tour of this architectural masterpiece. Climb to its 13-metre high veranda, which was built without the use of any kind of joiners, and enjoy an impressive view of Kyoto.

In the evening, continue with walking tour of Gion, Kyoto’s geisha district, followed by a truly special dinner with a maiko!

Start with an introduction, listening as the guide explains about geiko, the local name for Kyoto’s geisha, and their maiko, or apprentices. Then explore the atmospheric streets, walking past local shops and restaurants on the way to Yasaka Shrine. From here continue to Hanami-koji where lavish tea shops line the roadside.

Cross Kyoto’s famous Tatsumi Bashi Bridge, passing a legendary teahouse and small street shrine along the way. Arrive at Shirakawa Canal for a walk along the streets which are lined with cherry trees and brimming with charm.  (Note: depending on the location of the restaurant, the walking tour may need to backtrack to one of the places mentioned above).

After the walking tour, enter a local restaurant for a memorable dinner in the company of a maiko. Dine on a traditional multi-course meal called kaiseki ryori. Interact with the maiko, learning about her craft and the world of geisha. During dinner, the maiko will entertain by performing traditional dances and teaching popular Japanese drinking games.

Pose for photos with the maiko, capturing memories to share with friends and family back home, before bidding farewell to the hostess and returning to the hotel.


  • Kiyomizu-dera is currently undergoing renovations, with proposed completion in 2020.


Start (guided tour): 13:00

Duration: 8 h

*including pick-up/drop-off and transit times

Overnight in Kyoto at Four Seasons Kyoto                                            5 stars (Super Deluxe)



Today, spend the day free at leisure. It is possible to arrange a private car to tour the city with (must be booked in advance; supplementary charges apply).

Optional Activity (1): Arashiyama Rickshaw Tour

Today’s tour can start any time from 09:30, until sunset. Get a different perspective of Kyoto with a memorable rickshaw ride through the heart of the Arashiyama district.

The Arashiyama rickshaw tour begins at Togetsukyo Bridge, one of Arashiyama’s most recognizable landmarks. Snap photos of the wooden bridge and the peaceful Katsura River. Then hop on a traditional Japanese rickshaw and enjoy an extensive tour of historic Arashiyama.

The expert driver will pull the rickshaw around the main highlights of the area as well as some hidden gems. The rickshaw is the perfect way to see Arashiyama, covering more ground than a walking tour but still slow enough to enjoy the sights and sounds of this charming town.

Weave in and out of local neighbourhoods, getting a closer look at the machiya, or traditional Japanese houses. Pass by Nonomiya Shrine which served as the setting of The Tale of Genji, a book commonly referred to as the world’s first novel.

Upon reaching the end of the tour, return to Togetsukyo Bridge, bidding farewell to the rickshaw driver and returning to central Kyoto.

Note: Depending on the traffic conditions, rerouting might be needed.


Start: anytime from 09:30 until sunset

Duration: 60 min or 120 min

Optional Activity (2): Kyoto’s Backstreet Tour by Bike

Today’s tour can begin at 09:30 or 13:30. Pedal through magical backstreets on this unique, half-day guided Kyoto bike tour. Meet near Kyoto Station for a bike fitting and tour briefing before following the guide and cycling into the heart of the city.

Start with a ride through Gion District, Kyoto’s main geisha and entertainment district. Pedal along Miyagawa-cho, a narrow lane lined with traditional houses called machiya. Stop for photos and a closer look at these well-preserved dwellings, learning about what life is like behind the doors.

Continue along the picturesque Shirakawa Canal that is lined with weeping willow trees, passing by some local restaurants and teahouses (ochaya) where geisha and maiko live and work. Turn on to Hanami-koji (“flower-viewing street”), which is the most famous alley in this area. With a stroke of luck, it may be possible to catch a glimpse of a maiko as she rushes on from one lavish ochaya to another.

Then cycle away from Gion, heading to the Imperial Palace Park. Take a short tour of this park, seeing the site where the Imperial Family’s former residence used to stand.

It’s time to head back to the bike depot. Follow a different route back, riding alongside the Kamogawa River. This road is one of Kyoto’s most atmospheric, lined with cherry blossom trees on one side and a busy food stall street on the other.

After this three-hour Kyoto bike tour, drop the bikes off at the depot and return to the hotel for a chance to freshen up.


Start: 09:30 or 13:30

Duration: 3 h

Journey: approx. 15 km

Optional Activity (3): A Taste of Gion Food tour

Kyoto’s Gion district is often cited as many a visitor’s favourite part of the city. The historic cobblestone streets are lined with traditional, narrow wooden buildings known as machiya, teahouses known as ochaya, and traditional shops selling local specialities.  

The first stop is a lively standing bar, where guests can enjoy a drink and delicious local bar food as a prelude to the rest of the tour. After this, take a leisurely stroll around Gion. As most geisha start to entertain at 18:00, the chance of seeing elegantly attired geisha darting along the winding streets to their engagements is quite high.

Then, head to a cozy restaurant owned by a charming and amiable woman from Kyoto who prepares each meal herself. Enjoy an entertaining conversation with her, while sampling each dish, which is prepared with the utmost care and attention, using the finest seasonal ingredients.

The final stop of the tour is a sake bar with a location so clandestine even locals struggle to find it. Partake in different varieties of sake, chosen to complement the selection of nibbles.

After this delightful evening well spent, either return to the accommodation or continue to explore the city independently.


Start: 17:00

Duration: approx. 3 h

Optional Activity (4): Lake Biwa Wellness Retreat

This tour begins at 10:00. Meet the guide at Shiga Station, which is located approximately 40 minutes north of Kyoto.

First make a brief stop at Juge Shrine, which is located in a small forest looking out on to Lake Biwa. The locals have taken great care of it over the centuries, and a goddess is said to be enshrined here. Enjoy a tranquil moment in this spiritual space before heading to the meditation and yoga/Pilates class, which will be held in a traditional Japanese farmhouse.

Feel all cares and worries melt away through breathwork, and stretch and strengthen muscles through a combination of yoga and Pilates exercises. Look within and enjoy this moment of peace and serenity in total relaxation before learning how to prepare an authentic and healthy homemade Japanese meal with homegrown vegetables and rice. Be sure to sample some homemade pickles during the meal.

After a leisurely lunch, stroll back to Shiga Station and head back to Kyoto to wind down at the hotel or keep exploring independently.


Start (guided tour): 10:00

Duration: 4.5 h

*including pick-up/drop-off and transfer times

Distance and journey time (approximation):

Kyoto Station to Shiga Station: 40 min

Overnight in Kyoto at Four Seasons Kyoto 5 stars (Super Deluxe)


Kyoto – Osaka, via Nara

Today, explore the ancient capital Nara with the guide, travelling around on a private car until Osaka. Nara is a small town that used to be Japan’s capital for 74 years during the 8th century. Most of its main tourist spots are located around Nara Park, where a great number of tamed deer reside.

Visit Todaiji Temple, the world’s largest wooden building and home to Japan’s largest Buddha, or Kasuga Taisha, Nara’s most celebrated shrine.

Afterwards, continue the journey to Osaka, Japan’s culinary capital. Osaka’s flamboyance, fun-loving people, and amazing food make up for what it lacks in tourist attractions.

After the check-in at the hotel, the rest of the day is at leisure.

Optional Tour: Flavours of Osaka

Today’s tour begins at 16:45. Osaka is an epicurean’s delight. Indeed, the motto that the city’s exuberant inhabitants live by is kuiadore – “to eat oneself bankrupt.” 

The first stop will be at a street food stall to get a taste of some traditional Japanese snack food, menchi katsu. Menchi katsu is a breaded and deep-fried patty made of ground meat. Golden and crisp, this is a local favourite.

Next, head to a standing bar to enjoy the ambience and taste a selection of sake and Japanese wine, along with delicious house specialities. Then, head to a restaurant specialising in wagyu beef dishes. Often referred to as the most expensive beef in the world, wagyu beef is of a superb quality, and is on many a gourmet’s wish list. Enjoy the melt-in-the-mouth textures with a refreshing cocktail.

The final stop will be to try a new style of tempura in an eatery tucked away in a small alleyway. Old favourites such as shrimp tempura, and more experimental combinations such as asparagus tempura and cheese can be found on the menu.

Bid farewell to the affable guide, and either return to the hotel or go for a stroll around the neighbourhood to take in the sights (D).


Start: 16:45

Duration: approx. 3 h


Start (guided tour): 9 h

Duration: 4 h

*including pick-up, drop-off, and transit time

Overnight in Kyoto at St. Regis                                            5 stars (Super Deluxe)


Departure from Osaka

St Regis to Kansai Airport: 50 min

The rest of the day is at leisure until transport by private vehicle to Kansai International Airport for the departing flight.

Important Information


  • Hotel accommodation with daily breakfast
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • English meet and greet at the airport and return private vehicle transfers to the airports
  • Green Class train tickets for transport between cities.
  • PASMO Card for local transportation with 1,500 JPY worth of credits

(Note: Additional credits will be charged by our guides to cover transportation during guided days. Clients are free to further charge their card should they wish to make use of it during self-guided days).

  • English-speaking guides for city tours as mentioned in the itinerary. Entrance fees and transportation fees included.
  • Tea Ceremony at Private Temple on Day 9
  • Dinner with a Maiko on Day 9
  • Private transfer from Kyoto to Osaka via Nara on Day 11
  • Self-guide app and customized travel documentation


  • International and domestic flights (quoted separately)
  • Some local transport
  • Meals other than mentioned above
  • Personal expenses (e.g. drinks, laundry, telephone, and other expenditures of a personal nature)
  • Travel insurance (please see below)
  • Other services not clearly indicated in the package inclusions above

Customize this tour

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    We’re experts who take pride in tailor-made itineraries that suit any need. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

    Please fill in the appropriate information below regarding any travel plans or enquiries. Our team of travel experts will get back to you shortly.

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    We’re experts who take pride in tailor-made itineraries that suit any need. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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