Multisport Trek, Paddle and Pedal Borneo

15 Days / 14 Nights
, Malaysia


Trek, paddle and pedal on this multisport adventure discovery of Borneo. Navigate remote riverways, trek historical routes and explore on bicycle the heartlands of the legendary Dayaks, once feared headhunters of Borneo.

Trip Highlights

Multisport Trek, Paddle and Pedal Borneo

Discover remote riverways

Navigate remote riverways and paddle up Melinau River to Melinau Gorge.

Trek historical routes

Discover once feared Dayak headhunters and explore their heartlands with traditional homestays.

Go on a zipline adventure

Complete the Borneo adventure with an inter-island zipline flying over the stunning aquamarine water.



Arrive Kuching

Transfer from Kuching airport to Kuching Hotel (9.1km): 20mins

Arrive in the capital of Sarawak, the charming old town of Kuching. Transfer 30 mins from the airport to Kuching Hotel. Check-in and Freshen up before meeting the guide for an evening welcome dinner.

Overnight Kuching.


Semenggoh Orangutan and Kayak

Transfer from Kuching Hotel to Semenggoh 20km (30min) Transfer from Semenggoh to Kampung Bengoh 17km (30min) Kayaking Activity difficulty: Easy

At 08:00 this morning, depart Kuching for a short 22 km drive to the Semenggoh Wildlife Center. Set up in 1975, these 740 hectares of virgin forest is home to orangutans. Get an opportunity of a lifetime to observe the orangutans at a distance at their feeding platforms between 09:00 and 10:00 each day.

From here, take a 30-minute transfer to Kampung Bengoh, a Bidayuh village.  The journey passes through scenic countryside of rice fields, small, scale rubber, cocoa, pepper farms which intermingle with forest, rivers and mountain ranges. Meet the kayaking team at Kampung Bengoh. The experienced kayaking guides will give a short demonstration and safety briefing before embarking on the kayaking adventure.  Today’s family-friendly kayak meanders for a short distance down a shallow stream before entering the vista of Sg. Sarawak Kiri. 

After paddling a quarter of the way, alight at Kampung Canu just after the pedestrian suspension bridge and be served a picnic-lunch at a Bidayuh village.  Continue the relaxing journey paddling down-river and making a stop by a sandy bank beneath soaring limestone hills.  Experience a couple of gentle rapids passing beneath a huge rock outcrop.  The trip ends at Kampung Semadang before returning to Kuching. 

(Kayaking activity will be on a join in basis)

Packing suggestions:

  • Please bring along a change of clothes and towel for return trip, spectacle straps, hat/cap, sunblock, suitable shoes / sandals that they are comfortable getting wet in (flip flops are not advisable).
  • Bring own straps for waterproof gadgets like GoPro, Waterproof compact camera, waterproof smartphone.

Spend the evening at Leisure.

Overnight in Kuching.


Bako National Park & Kuching Warm up Cycle

Transfer from Kuching Hotel to Bako 27km (40mins)

At 08:00, depart Kuching for a 45-minute drive to Bako Fishing Village.  Continue by motorised boat for a 30-minute cruise along the beautiful coast to reach Bako National Park. 

The oldest of Sarawak’s national parks, Bako offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s forests and wildlife. Bako is also home to 275 rare proboscis monkey, found only in Borneo. Observe the fabulous proboscis monkeys, silvered langurs, bearded pigs and monitor lizards. Despite its seemingly small size, Bako contains a wide range of vegetation – swamp forest, scrub-like Padang vegetation, mangrove forest, dipterocarp forest, delicate cliff vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches.  

Explore the rainforest on a variety of walking trails from mighty 80-metre dipterocarps to dense mangrove forest.  For bird’s enthusiasts, Bako is the home to many species such as the rufous-backed kingfisher, stork-billed kingfisher, red-crowned barbet, white-bellied woodpecker and many more.  During low tide, observe the mudskippers and blue-fiddler crabs coming out from their hideout for feeding on the beaches.

Take a simple lunch at the park café before returning to Bako Village and onto Kuching.

16:00 Head to the banks of the Sarawak River as the sun dips low into the sky on a warm up cycle.

Board a traditional sampan boat and cross the river to Malay Village. Upon arrival, hop on a bike and start pedaling through this culturally-rich village. Experience the contrast between the city and the countryside, seeing scenes of typical daily life that varies greatly from the hustle and bustle of Kuching. Pass through village laneways where kids are playing and adults are returning from a day at work. Stop to chat to the locals and to learn more about the culture of Malay Village.

Stop pedaling in time to watch the sun set over the waterway and Kuching in the distance. Then it’s time to refuel with dinner. Chose a selection of dishes from hawkers, Malaysia’s street food sellers, and feast on delicious, freshly cooked dishes alongside local diners.

Following this local experience in Malay Village, board a sampan and cross the river back to Kuching’s waterfront before transferring back to the hotel.

Overnight in Kuching.


Kuching to Banting

Transfer from Kuching Hotel to Serian Market (70KM): 2 hours Serian Market to Lachau/Pantu for Lunch (82KM) 1.5 hours Transfer by boat from Pantu to Banting: (40km) 3 hours

After breakfast at 08:00, start the journey into the Borneo interior. Visit two lively market bazaars along the way before reaching the outpost town of Pantu. Take a traditional long boat ride for 2.5hours into a remote longhouse of Banting, accessible only by boat. Explore the local community with the local host and enjoy spontaneous ‘longhouse hospitality’ at its best, sharing simple traditional cuisine on the floor and dossing down under a mosquito net at night.

09:00 Make the first stop at Serian market, a great place to find every kind of fruit imaginable. Next stop, trading bazaar Lachau and a village-style lunch.

14:00 The riverine adventure starts at Pantu, in shallow-draft longboats all the way to the Iban villages of Banting. Banting is an old rallying point of the Ibans who use the fertile lowlands for paddy farming. The rocky hill by the river was a primitive fort; in times of danger the villagers found refuge here. The early Christian missionaries recognised the importance of the vantage point and crowned it with St. Paul’s Church which, improved and renovated many times, has stood here since 1859.

Once shown the quarters be welcomed to-stroll around the village, climb the hill to inspect the church, ask someone to explain the mysterious rock formations near the river, see people produce artistic handicrafts like mat-making and weaving, or wander off to the rice fields and vegetable gardens.

The river here is famous for its prawns — unfortunately, crocodiles like the tasty crustaceans quite as much as humans do. Swimming in the river is NOT permitted!

Overnight in Banting Longhouse


Cycle Banting to Sri Aman (51km)

Longtail Boat to Lingga Bazaar (18km): 1.5hours Cycling Distance up to: 51kms Difficulty: Easy

At 08:00 this morning, take a short boat transfer to a tiding outpost of Lingga, ride up the majestic Batang Lupar River, bypassing longhouse villages, farms and paddy fields. After a 3.5-hour ride, reach the old town of Sri-Aman to visit the newly restored Fort Alice to discover how battles were fought during the warring era.

Set off by longboat for the Lingga bazaar, center of the lower Batang Lupar and get the taste of a coffee shop breakfast. In James Brooke’s time, the township was ruled by two feisty Malay women of the aristocratic class who didn’t shirk from donning male attire and joining their followers in warfare if the occasion demanded it!

Enjoy an easy ride along the banks of the great river. A few hills in the distance enliven the landscape; make a couple of detours to have a look at particularly interesting longhouses. Pedal into the capital of the Batang Lupar, Sri Aman (formerly known as Simanggang) in time for lunch. A view of Fort Alice (1864) perched on a riverside hillock, commanding a good view of the river from where trouble might be expected to come in the old days… and it frequently did. Like all forts, Alice served for defense and security, as administrative headquarters, and as a prison – ‘lifers’ were usually incarcerated in Fort Alice.

Dinner and overnight at Seri Simanggang Hotel.


Cycle Sri Amam to Betong (49km)

Transfer from Fort Lily to Pais Jetty (15KM): 30mins Longtail Boat from Sri Aman across river: (5kms): 30 mins Cycling Distance up to: 49kms Difficulty: Easy

After breakfast at 09:00, cross the river and pedal overland to the next main township, Betong, on the Layar River. After a good stint of cycling, take a well- deserved stop at a good coffee shop followed by lunch in Betong!

Visit Fort Lily (1855), built to fortify this ‘outstation’. Lily has seen considerable action in the turbulent times when Iban chief Rentap challenged the Rajah; some of the cannon used in the skirmishes are preserved in the Betong District Office. From here cycle up along the Skrang River to Nanga Murat longhouse to meet the old chief. The villagers have recently moved into a new longhouse; don’t forget to visit the old one for comparison! Old or new, longhouse hospitality is from the heart, but the facilities tend to be fairly simple. Be prepared to eat seated on the floor and sleep on a mattress under a mosquito net.

Overnight at Ulu Bayor Longhouse.


Cycle Betong to Batang Ai Lodge (51km)

Transfer from Nanga Murat Longhouse to Batang Ai Junction (20KM):20min Longtail Boat Batang Ai Jetty to Aiman Batang Ai: 30 minutes Cycling Distance up to: 51kms Difficulty: Easy

08:00 Today travel up country! After a short trip in the van cycle away from the trunk road, southwards, towards the Kalimantan border. Numerous longhouses along the trail make the point: this is the Iban heartland. Take a side excursion up the Lemanak River; where the terrain gets hilly. Pedal and pedal and reach a man-made lake snuggled among the hills. This lake supplies hydro-electricity to most of Kuching and West Sarawak. Embark on a lake craft that looks roughly like the ‘African Queen’ to cross the Hydro Lake to the Batang Ai Resort. Yes indeed, the cluster of longhouses bedded against the green slopes is a resort!

Spend a leisurely afternoon and evening, recovering from the rigors of the trail.

Overnight at Batang Ai Lodge.


Cycle Batang Ai to Kuching (30km)

Longtail Boat Batang Ai Jetty to Aiman Batang Ai: 30 minutes Transfer form Batang Ai Jetty to Lunbo Antu(30km): 40 mins Transfer from Engkillili to Kuching (215km); 3.45hours Cycling Distance up to: 30kms Difficulty: Easy

At 08:30, depart Batang-Ai early in the morning by boat and at the jetty, make a 30-minute (40 km) transfer to a small-town call Lunbo Antu. From here start todays cycling of 30 km on a country lane to a town caledl Engkillili.  The terrain is hilly up and down (but not too drastic) with mountain and forest views along the way.

The trail is part gravel and part tarmac until reaching Engkillili for lunch.  After lunch, pack up the bikes and head back on the trunkroad to Kuching (3.5 - 4 hours) for early evening arrival.

Check into the hotel and freshen up for a final dinner together at the Topspot Food Center in Kuching. It's where all the good food of Sarawak comes together. The waiters don't carry white serviettes over their left arm and the ambiance leaves something to be desired but the food is, seriously, something to write home about.

Overnight in Kuching.


Kuching – Mulu NP

Transfer from Mulu Airport to Mulu National Park: (1.5km) 15 minutes Trekking time up to: 2-3 hours Difficulty: Easy

Today transfer to Kuching airport for an onward flight to Mulu NP.

Upon arrival at Mulu Airport, meet the local representative and receive a transfer to the hotel for check-in.

After lunch, depart for Mulu National Park for a three kilometers elevated plank-walk to Lang Cave, with the adjoining Deer Cave, it is considered to be the longest cave passage in the world.

Explore Lang Cave and witness its magnificent stalactites and stalagmites before proceeding to Deer Cave. Here, sees the area’s biggest attraction: thousands of free-tailed bats. At dusk, marvel at a true spectacle of nature as these bats emerge from the cave in a giant cluster to forage for insects in the rainforest.

Then, experience the thrill of night trekking through the jungle back to the park headquarters. From luminescent fungi to blinking fireflies, the jungle comes alive at night time and this is a fabulous opportunity to view creatures not visible during the daytime.

Afterwards, return to the hotel and spend the rest of the evening relaxing in tropical ambience.

Overnight in Mulu.


Mulu National Park – Camp 5 (9km)

Transfer from Mulu National Park to Clearwater Cave by boat: 20 minutes Transfer from Clearwater Cave to Kuala Litut by boat:90 minutes (depending on water level) Trekking Kuala Litut to Camp 5 up to: (9 km) 2 - 3 hours Difficulty: Easy

After breakfast, which is accompanied by the sound of the jungle’s morning chorus, take a 15-minute longboat ride up the Melanau River to experience two more of Mulu’s ‘must-sees’, Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave. These limestone caves form part of the Sarawak Chamber - the largest connected cave system in the world. If water levels are low, it’s possible to get there by taking a beautiful four kilometers hike.

Explore the ‘King’s Room’ before proceeding to the Clearwater Cave. Walk on planked walkways that were built on the sides of limestone cliffs leading to Clearwater Cave. Then, climb up steep steps that were carved into the side of the hill to get to the entrance of Clearwater Cave. Inside the cave, check out the details of its various features and limestone formations.

Enjoy a refreshing swim and local lunch before continuing by longboat to Kuala Litu. Here, begin a stunning nine kilometers hike through pristine lowland rainforest to Camp five.

Get a true taste of the wilderness by spending the night in traditional longhouses and sleeping on mats elevated on raised open-air platforms in a mixed-gender dormitory with shared bathroom facilities and cold-water showers.

Remember to bring a sleeping sheet and warm layer of clothes for the cool night ahead.

(Please note: Bedding will not be provided and mosquito nets are available for a small fee.)

Overnight at Camp 5.


Camp 5 – Longhouse

Trekking Camp 5 to Kuala Terikan up to:6 hours Difficulty: Medium

Rise early and enjoy a simple breakfast at the camp before beginning the 11.5 kilometers long Headhunters Trek to Kuala Terikan. The path was a famous historical route taken by warring tribes between the Tutoh and Limbang Rivers. It is an adventurous route with various water crossings with lush vegetation from the surrounding low-lying forest.

After arriving in Kuala Terikan, board a longboat and travel through picturesque and remote stretches of jungle along the Terikan and Medalam rivers to an authentic Iban longhouse. Depending on water levels of the rivers, it may be necessary to push the boat through various sections.

Stay in Medalam longhouse – this is a newly constructed longhouse with a little more than basic facilities that the traditional longhouses have. Enjoy some local Iban food and take a stroll around the village with the guide to get a deeper understanding of the Iban culture

Overnight in Medalam longhouse.


Longhouse – Limbang – Kuala Penyu

Transfer Longhouse to Medamit by boat: 1 hour 30 min Transfer Medamit to Limbang by road: 40 km (1 hour) Transfer Limbang to Kuala Penyu by Road: 260km (4 hours) Activity Difficulty: Cycle 25km (3hours): Easy

At 08:00 this morning, have breakfast and then bid the Iban tribe farewell and take the boat to Medamit. From here, connect with land transport to Limbang and overland four hours to Kuala Penyu. 

At 15:00, arrive in Kuala Penyu to a newly built traditional style longhouse on a beach. Change into cycling gear in preparation for a leisurely cycle.

At 16:00 jump on the bikes for a 3-hour sunset cycle. Cycle through the local villages and along the coast to the sun setting in the foreground.

Dinner at the Longhouse.

Overnight Kuala Penyu in a longhouse. (Please note: This is set up in dorms of up to 8 people in a room – mattress on the floor.)


Kuala Penyu – Kota Kinabalu

Transfer Kuala Penyu to Kota Kinabalu by Road: 110km (2 hours) Activity Difficulty: Cycle 50km (4hours): Easy

After breakfast at 09:00, take a morning beach walk before setting off on the bikes for a 50km leisurely ride. Cycle the first 25km to Kuala Penyu mostly along the coastline. Stop to take a dip in the ocean before reaching the small fishing and mangrove town for lunch.

After lunch start the ride over the Kuala Penyu Bridge taking a quiet road parallel to the coastal route. Ride past typical Malay houses and quiet villages. Follow the palm tree lined road and cycle away form the Klias Peninsular towards Kota Kinabalu.

15:00 Finish the ride at 50km and transfer the 2 hours to Kota Kinabalu.

Spend the evening free at leisure. Take a walk through the Filipino Market and onto the waterfront in time for the sun setting. Try some fresh fish at the local fish market or choose from one of the many restaurants in the area to have dinner.

Overnight in Kota Kinabalu.


Tunku Abdul Marine Park Kayak

Transfer from Hotel in Kota Kinabalu to Sutera Marina Jetty: (4.5km)15mins Transfer from Sutera Marina Jetty to Gaya Island by boat: 20 minutes Activity difficulty: Easy

At 08:00 this morning, take a short walk from the hotel in Kota Kinabalu to Jesselton Point. Meet the kayaking guide for the day and together transfer by boat (20mins) to Manukan Island in Tunku Abdul Marine Park. Pull up to the white sand beaches where the kayaks await. Attend a short safety briefing before being fitted with a life jacket.  Go for a short practise before heading for an approximately 3.4km paddle to Sapi island.

The paddle is usually smooth but expect some swell especially if there had been some wind the day before. There will be an opportunity to do some snorkelling. Later on head over to the nearby Gaya Island to experience an inter-island zipline from Gaya Island back to Sapi. Seven seconds of adrenaline and fun flying over the stunning aquamarine water.

After lunch paddle around Sapi Island and along the coast of Gaya Island to stop on some pristine beaches for a short snorkel away from the crowds. Later in the afternoon head back to Manukan island a distance of about 4km. Here leave the kayak and take a boat back to Jesselton Point and walk to the hotel by 16:00.

Spend the evening at leisure.

Overnight at Kota Kinabalu.


Kota Kinabalu Departure

Transfer Kota Kinabalu Hotel to Airport (12km): 30mins

Transfer to the airport for the departure flight.

Important Information

Our services include:

  • Accommodation in a shared twin or shared double room in selected hotel
  • Transfer in air-conditioned Vehicle
  • Boat transfer
  • Meals as mentioned (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner)
  • Local English speaking guide (Separate Guide for Sightseeing, Cycling and Trekking)
  • Bike Rental
  • Support vehicle
  • Helmet for Cycling portion
  • Rain ponchos
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Other non-riding activities as per itinerary and entrance fee
  • Porter fees to and from Camp 5
  • You will need to bring your own sleeping bag for this trek
  • Trek includes carrying your own small bag of clothes (approx. 7-10KG. sup for porters can be applied and main bag can be sent to the finishing point
  • 750ML Aluminum Water Bottles
  • Kayak Rental
  • First Aid Kit
  • 1 session of Zipline activity – 1 ride
  • Park Entry
  • Jetty Fees

Our services do not include:

  • Other meals than mentioned
  • Other services than mentioned
  • Bicycle Hire
  • International and Domestic Flights
  • Laundry, telephone calls and expenditure of a personal nature
  • Tips, Travel insurance (must include helicopter evacuation for Borneo)
  • Visa for Malaysia
  • Camera/video entrance fees
  • Tourism Tax of 10MYR per night per room to be paid locally

Customize this tour

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    We’re experts who take pride in tailor-made itineraries that suit any need. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

    Please fill in the appropriate information below regarding any travel plans or enquiries. Our team of travel experts will get back to you shortly.

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    We’re experts who take pride in tailor-made itineraries that suit any need. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

    Please fill in the appropriate information below regarding any travel plans or enquiries. Our team of travel experts will get back to you shortly.

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