5 Ways Coronavirus Will Change Travel for the Better

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While it’s no doubt that this time has been most terrible for many, it is also one of the rare and unique moments to pause and reconsider our lives and the beauty of it. On reflection about the future of travel, here are five ways we think that the coronavirus will change the future of travel for the better.

  1. Destinations will be more beautiful than before

    With reduced carbon emissions and a pause for mother earth to recover from overtourism, we’ve seen how nature has, in many ways returned such as a rare sight of green turtle nests spotted at Koh Samui in the south of Thailand. Ancient ruins like the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia have also stood more majestic than before in the presence of fewer to none crowds.

  2. Travel will be more meaningful

    Will we all stay physically safe in the comforts of our home, this break from travel has made us all dream bigger and be more appreciative of hitting the road even more. Travel will never be the same as before because it will be more meaningful in terms of the value of a holiday and the idea of a ‘proper’ time off.

  3. People will choose to travel responsibly 

    Further to the point above, travellers will likely choose responsible products on their trips to make their holiday count for the local communities and the environment. If the virus has taught us one thing, it has shown that it shows no discrimination and thus people will show more compassion and make positive choices while travelling.

  4. Health and Hygiene will be taken seriously

    We’ve seen hotels step up their existing health and hygiene measures amidst the virus, but this will likely continue to the future as people are now more conscious in these areas. Guest experiences in hotels will change for the better with less crowded eating spaces, digital check ins and more. Social distancing can also be the norm moving forward with travellers craving more remote escapes.

    airplane landing on the runway

  5. Technology will take centre-stage in our travel experience 

    In addition to health and hygiene, social distancing will also likely be the norm in the future. As we are all home and indulging in some virtual tours during this time, technology in the form of robot waiters and self-guide mobile apps could take centre-stage in our future travel experience. 

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