Luxury Travel in Thailand

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ICONIC Thailand

Thailand has held a special place in the hearts of travellers for decades. With weather that’s favourable for travel year-round, an abundance of clean, beautiful beaches, and kind, smiling people at every corner, it’s no wonder thatluxury travel in Thailand has achieved such a legendary status.

Add to that some of the highest standards of service in Asia, many of the world’s finest hotels and some of the most delicious food on the planet, and it becomes obvious that Thailand may be the region’s top ‘must-visit’ destination -particularly for luxury travellers.

Hand Crafted Tours

Each LUXE by EXO tour is custom-made to not only visit Thailand’s must-see highlights and hidden spaces, but to also include touches of refinement and luxury that redefine the concept of travel. Every step of the way, guests on these hand-crafted tours are treated to unparalleled levels of comfort and hospitality.

Hand Picked Hotels

No effort has been spared in sourcing not only the finest hotels in Asia, but also exclusive access to the most illustrious rooms and suites available to ensure that guests receive the utmost comfort and care at all times.

Hand Picked Experiences

The perfect way to fill gaps in any itinerary, LUXE by EXO’s full and half-day experiences condense all of the magic of our standard Thailand tours into bite-sized experiences that provide unique memories that will last a lifetime.

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