Service Elevated

Delight in the Detail

By anticipating guests’ needs and catering each element of a tour to their requests and specifications, LUXE by EXO delivers unprecedented levels of attention to detail as well as the most seamless travel experiences imaginable.

Expectations Exceeded

With specialised consultants trained specifically for the task of meeting and exceeding the high demands of luxury clients, LUXE by EXO provides royal treatment to guests in a way that only a nimble and specialised outfit can.

Bespoke Itineraries

Each LUXE by EXO tour is meticulously crafted to enable guests to spend more time doing exactly what they want to do. Our mission is to empower journeys of a lifetime through our expert destination knowledge, impeccable service and extensive regional connections throughout the region.

EXO Exclusives

LUXE journeys offer distinct advantages over standard tours, providing guests with added comfort, indulgent amenities and privileged access to services and experiences that elevate the standard of travel across the board.

Luxury Glamping in North Thailand

From the Mountains to the Sea in Style

Vietnam’s World Heritage in Style

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