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Closed off for decades, Myanmar remains untainted by the globalisation seen elsewhere in Asia. Consequently, travelling in Myanmar can be like travelling back in time. Hoof and muscle are used in place of machines, and western fashion sensibilities have yet to set root. For those looking for a ‘pure’ travel destination, Myanmar is it.

For luxury clients, Myanmar presents somewhat of a quandary. Its sheer uniqueness and cultural intrigue is incredibly alluring, however, this curiosity and enchantment is sometimes tempered by a fear of compromise in comfort. With LUXE by EXO, these worries are confidently and assuredly laid to rest. We reveal the incredible natural and cultural beauty of the country while ensuring that Myanmar luxury travel standard are met and exceeded at every point along the way. 

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3 Days / 2 Nights

Experience a nature retreat tucked in the wilderness of the Lower Kinabatangan. Cruise one of the most important wildlife refuge in Malaysia in search for wildlife - most notably, the proboscis monkeys which is endemic to Borneo. Interact with local Orang Sungai at the local fishing village and at night enjoy the firefly colonies spotted within the mangroves.

Hand Crafted Tours

Each LUXE by EXO tour in Myanmar is carefully crafted to the specifications of guests to ensure their perspective of this fascinating country is both authentic and inspiring while also providing the special touches of exclusivity and opulence that differentiates LUXE travel from standard touring.

Hand Picked Hotels

We’ve carefully selected the finest hotels in Myanmar to ensure that guests with LUXE by EXO receive the utmost in comfort, luxury and amenities in the country. From fabulous globally-renowned hotels to gorgeously designed boutique resorts, a treat will be waiting at the end of every day while travelling in Myanmar. 

Hand Picked Experiences

For those looking to add on an immersive yet luxurious full or half-day experience to their travel plans in Myanmar, we’ve crafted some incredible short tours that offer all the advantages of a full-on LUXE journey: authenticity, exclusivity and unparalleled comfort, in convenient and easy to do packages. 

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