Luxury Travel in Laos


Considered by many to be Southeast Asia’s best-kept secret, what Laos lacks in beaches it more than makes up for in untapped charm and raw natural beauty. For those looking for an exclusive and memorable escape, Laos offers uniqueness unmatched elsewhere. 

From gorgeous multi-tiered waterfalls seemingly pulled from the pages of a fantasy novel to colourful hilltribe villages and majestic temples, luxury travel in Laos offers visitors a window into the past and a connection to a world lost to time. Laos is classic Asia revealed in the most astounding and effortless way. 

Featured Tour

Zen Tour of Laos

8 Days / 7 Nights

Enter Laos through a rural bordertown and travel the country to meet some of indigenous tribes. Witness their unique culture and beautiful artisan crafts. Travel towards UNESCO World Heritage site Luang Prabang for the last leg of the trip and find inner peace through meditation and a selection of excursions.

Hand Crafted Tours

Each LUXE by EXO tour is custom-made to not only visit Laos’ must-see highlights and hidden spaces, but to also include touches of refinement and luxury that only a well-established operator in the country could arrange. Every step of the way, guests on these hand-crafted tours will be treated to unparalleled levels of comfort. 

Laos in Style

Royal Kingdoms, Past and Present by Private Jet

A Luxurious Mekong Journey

Hand Picked Hotels

We’ve carefully selected the finest hotels in Laos to ensure that guests travelling with LUXE by EXO receive the utmost in comfort, luxury and amenities in the country. From fabulous globally-renowned hotels to gorgeously designed boutique resorts, a treat will be waiting at the end of every day while travelling in Laos. 

Hand Picked Experiences

The perfect way to fill gaps in any itinerary, LUXE by EXO’s full and half-day experiences condense all of the magic of our standard tours into bite-sized experiences that are sure to provide unique memories that will last a lifetime. 

Luang Prabang City Tour

The Living Land

EVE Sunset Vientiane Foodie

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