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Travellers to Japan invariably notice the cultural fixation on perfection that pervades there. It saturates everything from sushi and transportation all the way to the symmetry of Mt. Fuji and the timelessness of Kyoto. Japan luxury travel is a powerfully evocative experience beckoning visitors to imagine a world without flaws. 

Japan is a nation of islands stretching across the Pacific coast of Asia. Along with the ‘Home Islands’ of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, Japan consists of nearly 7,000 mostly volcanic islands. This geography has long played a role in the Japanese way of life which, to this day, is deeply connected to the sea. 

Featured Tour

Yakushima Hike in Style

4 Days / 3 Nights

Sure to please the senses of the most adept outdoors enthusiast, this Yakushima tour is brimming with adventure and time for deep relaxation courtesy of the Sankara Hotel. Savor locally home made delicacies during a trek, and fine dining by night. This tour is the best of both worlds—the rustic beauty of the nature that surrounds, and all the comforts of a 5-star hotel. This Yakushima UNESCO Heritage Site adventure is not one to be missed!

Hand Crafted Tours

LUXE by EXO reveals the magic of Japan with unrivalled personalisation and exclusivity. We provide the ideas and concepts, and hand craft tours around the specific needs, wants and desires of guests so that no two tours are alike. 

Luxury Onsen and Snow Monkeys

Japan in Style

Active Luxury Japan

Hand Picked Hotels

We’ve scoured the whole of Japan to find the absolute finest hotels in the country. Our guests can rest easy in knowing that accommodation has been sorted to the highest standards possible. 

Hand Picked Experiences

Even for half and full-day tours, LUXE by EXO provides guests with extraordinarily well-crafted itineraries that reveal the sights, sounds and flavours of Japan in the most magical and exclusive way possible. 

Hiroshima by Bike

Hiroshima Gourmet Walk

Flavours of Osaka Food Tour

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