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Once the fodder of legends for travellers in search of the distant and exotic, Indonesia remains a paradise destination worthy of its reputation. Comprised of more than 17,000 impossibly beautiful islands dotting a vibrant stretch of equatorial ocean, the possibilities for transformative journeys and luxury travel in Indonesia are practically endless. 

From some of the world’s most heralded snorkelling and diving destinations to steaming jungles teeming with strange animals and mystical cultures rooted in traditions that have long since deceased elsewhere in the world, Indonesia is a world entirely unto itself. 

Featured Tour

Raja Ampat Leisure Expedition

7 Days / 6 Nights

The Raja Ampat archipelago encompasses more than 9.8 million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province. The seas around Raja Ampat hold the richest variety of species in the world. In addition to incredible marine life, It offers you other cutting edge experiences such as mangroves, the bird of paradise and other exotic birds along with tropical plants and stunning sunset

Hand Crafted Tours

Each LUXE by EXO tour in Indonesia is carefully crafted to the specifications of guests to ensure their perspective of this gorgeous tropical nation is both authentic and inspiring while also providing the special touches of exclusivity and opulence that differentiates LUXE travel from standard touring.

Luxe Bali Roundtrip

Bali & Lombok On The Green

Raja Ampat Expedition On Alila Purnama

Hand Picked Hotels

We’ve carefully selected the finest hotels in Indonesia to ensure that guests with LUXE by EXO receive the utmost in comfort, luxury and amenities in the country. From fabulous globally-renowned hotels to gorgeously designed boutique resorts, a treat will be waiting at the end of every day while travelling in Indonesia.

Hand Picked Experiences

For those looking to add on an immersive yet luxurious full or half-day experience to their travel plans in Indonesia, we’ve crafted some incredible short tours that offer all the advantages of a full-on LUXE journey: authenticity, exclusivity and unparalleled comfort, in convenient and easy to do packages.

Going local in Sanur

Pemuteran and The North Coast

Cycling The Backroads of Lombok

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