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Few countries in the world lay claim to a more illustrious history than Cambodia. Home to what was once one of the world’s most advanced civilisations, the country’s turbulent recent history has done little to diminish the mysterious allure of this charming and historic nation.

Beyond the fabled temples of Angkor, an entirely different world awaits travellers in search of fascinating and exotic discoveries. From the tranquil little-visited coastline of Cambodia and its dazzling tropical islands to the placid waters of Tonle Sap Lake where stilted villages seem frozen in time, luxury travel in Cambodia abounds with surprises and pleasantries. 

Featured Tour

Rainforest Primate Adventure

5 days / 4 nights

A visit to Cambodia isn’t complete without at least seeing its spectacular wildlife. This trip provides exactly just that as it goes on a journey to the country’s most prominent sanctuaries which houses some of the rarest wildlife species including the gibbon, elephants and bantaeng. Witness these beautiful animals in their natural habitat and get up close with them learning how they thrive in such environments.  It’s the ultimate wildlife adventure in Cambodia!

Hand Crafted Tours

Cambodia rewards travellers richly with an abundance of charming cultural interactions, great food and unique encounters. With LUXE by EXO, we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that guests are treated to the very best of these encounters throughout their trip. Whether dining, cruising or relaxing, this is Cambodia at its very best. 

Ancient Temples & Island Treasures

Royal Kingdoms, Past and Present by Private Jet

Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder, Wildlife, and Water

Hand Picked Hotels

Guests travelling with LUXE by EXO can rest easy in knowing that, after a long day of incredible travel experiences, attentive service and a good night’s rest is always waiting. Our experts have carefully tested and vetted accommodation to ensure that guests are treated to world-class service and amenities. 

Hand Picked Experiences

Even when short on time, LUXE by EXO guides travellers to some of Cambodia’s most amazing and exclusive encounters. Whether full day or half day, we’ve crafted some incredible ways to experience this beautiful country at its best. 

Vespa Countryside Life Tour

Phnom Penh Sightseeing

Vehicle & guide disposal Siem Reap

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