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Log in

Go to Groups and click on ‘Join In Trips’
Log in with the email and the password you use to log in to the Agent Hub
If you have any problems logging in, please contact us.

Choose language

Just select the language of the trip you‘d like in the top right corner
The selection of products for each language is different

Search for a trip

Use filters to pick the country, price, date, number of pax or trip duration you are looking for
You can search a tour by name, country, city and even by date or price

View a trip

You can see all our trips in a grid or a list by clicking on the top-left corner
Select how many tours you want to see and even organise by days, length, favourites, new tours or offers

Pick a trip Trip details

Once you have decided what trip you are interested in, click on the picture to see more about it
Here you can find general information about the trip like its itinerary, pictures, hotels, tariffs and detailed information about each departure during the year for that specific tour

How to reserve?

Search for the tour you want to reserve on the top of the page
Click on ‘Reserve’ or open the tour by clicking the picture
Select the date pax are traveling
Click on ‘Reserve now’
Fill in the trip information
Click ‘Reserve’
Fill in passenger information
Click ‘Send’
Check information and then click ‘confirm and reserve’

Select a date

Click “reserve” or click on the tour
Select the date guests are travelling
Click ‘reserve now’ or ‘save my space’

Save my space

If you are waiting for confirmation from your clients but you still want to save your space, we make it possible
Click on ‘Save my space’ and we will save your space for 48 hours on any date you select
Or click on the tour, select the date you are interested in and then click on ‘Save my space’

Private Prices

You also have the option to enquire about private prices if your clients want more exclusivity
Just open the tour you are interested
Click on ‘private prices’ to see all the prices on the different departures
Click ‘Enquire’ and fill in the information


You can see how many spaces we have available for each departure here

Room Type

Once you click ‘reserve’ on a specific date you need to fill out information about the trip
Select the room category your clients prefer (superior or deluxe)
Select the number of rooms you want of each room type by clicking on the + symbol.
Click ‘confirm’

Additional services

Once you click ‘reserve’ on a specific date you need to fill out information about the trip
You can select all kinds of additional services such as

Extra nights
Additional experiences
Additional flights
Pre and post-tour packages

Extra Nights

Select how many extra nights you want before the tour or after the tour
If you have any comments regarding the extra nights please leave a comment in the last box
Your Travel Consultant will process the extra nights for you offline depending on your requirements

Additional experiences

You will find a list with all the extra experiences that we can book for your clients during the trip here
Just let us know how which activities you would like to book by selecting the activities.
You can use ‘control’ on your keyboard to select more than one activity.

Additional flight

You will find a list of the additional flights we can book for your clients
Just let us know which flights to book by selecting the flights you want.
You can use ‘control’ on your keyboard to select more than one flight
The price on the top-right corner will change as you select additional flights

Pre and Post packages

Once you click ‘reserve’ on a specific date and you fill in all the information about the trip, you are also able to select additional packages for your clients
You will find a list of all the possible options
If you need more information about a tour, move the pointer near the name and a box will pop up with information. You can click on it and read more about the experience if you prefer and then go back to continue with your reservation
Just let us know how many people need an additional flight by clicking on the ‘plus’ button
The price in the top-right corner will change as you select additional packages
* Keep in mind that the pre and post-tour packages are private and therefore private prices apply.

Add your mark up to the total price and generate quotations

Once you have completed all the information about the trip, you can include a markup for yourself into the selling price by clicking the arrows or writing the percentage you would like.
You can then click on ‘Export PDF’ and a quotation with the most relevant information about the tour, the hotels, additional services, price with percentage markup and the logo of your company will automatically download on your PC
Ready to send to your clients!

Upload passenger passport

Even though it is not mandatory, this is a great tool to make sure we are inputting the correct information when making bookings for your clients
Once you have selected a specific departure and filled in all the information regarding the trip, you will be in the travel passenger details page
Click on ‘Choose file’ and select the picture of the passenger passport
Complete other information and finish the reservation

See / edit

Click on ‘My SIC Bookings’ on the top-left corner
Here you will find a list with all your reservations
You can make changes by clicking on ‘make changes’ and key in information about any changes you would like to make. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours
You can cancel your bookings by clicking on ‘cancel reservation’. Keep in mind the cancelation policy -you can click on the right to read about it