Groups Series

Handling over 150,000 passengers per year, we’re able to leverage our buying power to secure the best deals for Group Series departures. With discounted room rates, allotments at hotels, buses on contract and specially trained guides, EXO-operated group series tours provide value for money and high standards of quality.


In the more than two decades of operating tours across Asia, we've developed a reputation as the region's top DMC not just to travel with, but also to work for. Consequently, we've attracted Asia's best guides who ensure that every trip we operate is as memorable as possible.To ensure the efficient handling of clients on the ground at all times, we have operations offices in key locations across Asia. Fortified by a team of passionate, dedicated Product Managers who ensure that experiences are authentic and inimitable, EXO Groups sets the standard for excellence in group travel in Asia.


Embodied by the mantra, 'value without compromise', we pride ourselves in the ability to provide the upsides of independent travel for groups: authentic cultural encounters, insider insights and priviledged access to the people and places that make Asia so amazing. But what makes EXO groups really special is our ability to offer these things at extraordinary value. Due to the our longstanding reputation and substantial influence across the region, we're able to secure the best rates possible for hotels, suppliers and, ultimately, guests so that everyone can afford to travel the EXO way.


Creativity is a cornerstone of everything we do at EXO. This is made easy by diverse and dynamic teams across all our destinations including dedicated French, Spanish, German, Italian and English speakers who understand the needs of each respective demographic, speak their language and are able to tailor trips specifically to their needs. When combined with our strong background in independent travel, this allows us to deliver truly remarkable experiences that exceed the expectations of travellers time and time again.


With more than 25 years of experience operating group tours across Asia, there’s no shortage of examples where we made dreams come true through incredible shared travel experiences.


Vietnam Spanish Budget Series

This Spanish group series tours around Vietnam from north to south to discover the diversity of its landscapes and cultures. From the beauty of Halong Bay and the quaint colonial heritage of Hanoi, to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, they tour through the country and pass by the tranquil coastal cities of Hoi An and Hue. Staying in 3 star hotels at extra discounted rates, it makes travel affordable for everyone.