Commit to fighting climate
change by promoting carbon neutral holidays

Offset the carbon footprint of your guests holidays

We believe that we all have a responsibility to fight climate change. As a company committed to environmental responsibility and leadership we are offsetting our carbon by supporting projects to reduce carbon emissions in Asia, such as planting trees and promoting greener energy.

We also want all of our travellers to play a role by offsetting the carbon emitted during their holidays.

We believe that together we can generate a positive impact in the region and help to reforest areas of land that need it most. We offer your guests the possibility to support projects that will positively impact our climate, while at the same time planting trees in Asia.

How can you offset the carbon of your guests holiday?

Working with experts in the carbon market, we’ve developed a measurement system to calculate the average carbon footprint of the activities your guests partake in during their holidays. This is measured using four key indicators:





At the time of booking a trip for your guests, you can choose to upgrade their holiday and make it carbon neutral. If they are already travelling and you’d like to offset the carbon emissions from their trip, let us know and we’ll quickly provide options that allow you to do so.

Carbon neutral vs carbon free

Being carbon neutral doesn’t mean that your guests don’t produce carbon. Their travels will result in carbon emissions. Being carbon neutral means that you compensate for their carbon emissions by supporting projects that fight climate change in Asia. A good example is by planting a certain number of trees that will absorb the equivalent amount of carbon that was produced during their trip.

What you can also do is minimise the carbon footprint of their holiday as much as possible.

Booking carbon friendly activities like cycling or walking tours

Use a train/public transport to get from city to city instead of a plane

Take a reusable water bottle with you and use our free refill stations, so you don’t use unnecessary plastic bottles

Book activities like planting mangrove forests

It’s worth considering that while staying at home in your native country, commuting to work, using a heater, eating food, going shopping and doing all the things you normally do will also result in carbon emissions. While on holiday your guests will be doing many of the same things, so they aren’t necessarily ‘doubling up’ their carbon footprint by being abroad.

Key projects that are being funded
to offset your travels (including flights)


Purchasing carbon credits

Helping local households in remote areas to access clean & safe drinking water in Laos & Cambodia.

  1. Why? Over 80% of households in these countries must boil their water to make it safe to drink. Despite this precaution, drinking contaminated water is still a leading cause of illness and death among local populations, especially among the most vulnerables ones. Moreover, boiling water requires the burning of wood and charcoal. This reliance on unsustainable harvesting practices also contributes to deforestation. These two organisations develop efficient solutions to solve this major challenge.
  2. Our impact so far: 184 tonnes of carbon purchased – worth $3,128

Environmentally friendly cooking solutions in Laos

  1. Why? In Asia, most people cook with wood and charcoal, resulting in carbon emissions, air pollution and a significant loss of forest cover over the past two decades. The Laos Improved Cookstove Programme is countering this by building a more inclusive market around healthier, affordable technology. By extending market participation to rural areas, improved cook­stoves become a powerful sustainable development tool. Local producers receive training, while customers save on fuel costs and breathe cleaner air.
  2. Our impact so far: 4,516 tonnes of carbon purchased – $76,782

Protecting forests & empowering local communities in Indonesia

  1. Why? Indonesia’s biodiversity is threatened by rampant deforestation and the destruction of endemic species and their natural habitats. By engaging with five local communities, the project reduces forest fires, illegal poaching and unsustainable harvesting of forest products. It recognises and secures land tenure and allows community members to sustainably manage their 5,336 ha primary forest.
  2. Our expected impact: a minimum of 5,000 tonnes of carbon to be purchased

Planting trees:

Dong Nai Community Forest

Over the years, we have been involved in several projects enabling the planting of over 500 trees of five different species. We even have our own EXO Travel Community Forest in Dong Nai, Vietnam. The community forest is located in a Biosphere and we have a long term partnership with Gaia, surveying the area for at least four years.

  1. Our impact: engaging our people in meaningful activities and protecting more than 1ha of forest.

Own a forest! Thanks to your carbon neutral holidays programs, you will join us in our efforts to grow new forests in Asia. You will be planting trees in helping to restore the much needed mangroves in the East Coast of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia. This project also involves 176 community groups living in 126 villages of 13 districts in both provinces.

  1. Our expected impact: 20,000 trees planted in a year.

Protecting biodiversity & lands:

  • Rehabilitation of endangered primates (pygmy Loris) in National Parks in Vietnam, our partner manages more than 30 ha of forest.
  • Protection of endangered species such as gibbons in Borneo & Sumatra, our partner protects more than 330 animals over 19 ha of forest.
  • Rescue and care for elephants formerly involved in the tourism industry and street begging in Thailand, our partner runs a vet clinic and hosts protected species over 20 ha of lands.
  • Preservation of 1,500 species of Lao’s endemic plants over 40 ha of land, our partner educates travellers & local community on endemic flora and conducts research for their preservation.
  • Sponsoring of one orangutan in Malaysia and support to the conservation activities of our partner.
  • Protection of corals and reefs in our main destinations and support to a certification program for sustainable diving & snorkelling practices.
  1. Our impact: $39,150 donations to these projects protecting our precious wildlife!

If you would like to donate additional funds to any of these projects, please visit the EXO Foundation site

Can you give me an example of how the carbon footprint of my holiday is calculated?

Travelling by car for 150km in a standard minivan produces 0.04 tonnes of carbon Staying in a standard 4 star hotel in Asia produces 0.014 tonnes of carbon. A standard boat tour of few hours produces 0.020 tonnes of carbon.

Example of calculation:

*1 traveller for 10 Days = 6 trees planted and 850kg of carbon offset

This averages out to be approximately US$1.50 per person including rest days. So, for a 10-day holiday, it'll cost US$15 to offset the land portion of your entire holiday. What a deal!

We’ve mapped services in our database with carbon footprint values, so our system will generate the actual carbon cost of your trip. However, for selling purposes, you simply take the value of US$1.50 per person per day.

Our partners in Climate Solutions

Verification and Transparency

We offset emissions through the purchase of carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market. We work with a balanced portfolio of projects across Asia. For air travel, we work with Gold Standard certified projects. For the carbon neutral holidays package, we work with Plan Vivo certificates. These projects often include an eco-tourism dimension enabling your travellers to visit them!

They are both available on the Market Directory and internationally recognised certification schemes.

We believe in having a balanced portfolio because we want to impact change at multiple levels of the value chain. From supporting projects that work with local communities to reforest their surrounding ecosystems, all the way through to large scale reforestation and forest protection projects.

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