EXO TRAVEL (formerly Exotissimo)

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EXO Travel is established by Eric Merlin, Denis Colonna and Olivier Colomès. We were the first foreign company to be granted a tourism operating license in Vietnam.
1995 - EXO Travel Myanmar
EXO partners with local entrepreneur Su Su Tin and EXO Travel Myanmar is born
2000 - EXO Travel cambodia
EXO joins forces with a young Cambodian businessman, Meng Hieng and launches EXO Travel Cambodia, with offices in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
2001 - EXO Travel laos EXO
Travel Laos soon follows in 2001, as EXO teams up with Duangmala Phommavong and establishes offices in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse.
2002 - Spain sales office
Growing interest in EXO's signature travel style is met with the opening of an office in Spain.
2003 - EXO Travel thailand
EXO strikes a deal with Hamish Keith, a Thai-based tour operator and gains a foothold in the Kingdom.
2004 - north america sales
To meet rising demand from North America, we open a sales office in the US.
2008 - further territory expansion
To better serve growing markets, sales offices are opened in Australia and Germany.
2009 - exo travel indonesia
EXO Indonesia is established in partnership with Erik Meriot and Trisna Agustini to become our 7th destination.
2011 - EXO Travel japan
EXO expands outside of Southeast Asia, launching EXO Travel Japan with offices in Tokyo and Kyoto.
2012 - exo travel china
EXO launches its 8th and largest destination, EXO China with an office in Beijing in partnership with the husband and wife team of Olivier Marchesin and Susan Zhong.
2014 - the rebrand
In 2014 it was time for a brand new look and Exotissimo became EXO Travel as part of a complete rebrand of the company to better reflect who EXO are now and the future direction of the company.
2015 - exo travel malaysia
EXO Malaysia launches and provides a perfect opportunity to enhance our offerings and service the niche markets we operate in.
2016 - travelife certification accolade
EXO Travel receives the much-coveted Travelife certification in recognition of our long-term commitment and pioneering role in sustainability and corporate, social and environmental responsibility in Asia.
2017 - exo travel singapore
EXO’s tenth destination is launched with the office in Singapore. Focusing on MICE and group travel at first, we plan to be able to service FIT requests by the end of 2017.